Shutter Bugs Creative Forum (SBCF) is a group of serious amateur photographers based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

It all started in 2009, when Mohammed Arfan Asif, a well known amateur photographer from Bangalore in India and resident in Dubai for past two decades started encouraging enthusiastic photographers to join him on his regular Friday early morning trips in and around Dubai.

The group with more than 40 enthusiastic amateur photographers from Dubai and Sharjah are mentored by Mohammed Arfan Asif.

Stringent rules are followed to ensure that only the serious are part of SBCF. The objective is to have only dedicated, hard working amateurs who will raise the bar of photographic excellence among the members, create images that will be appreciated by a wider audience and achieve higher standards of image-making skills. Therefore, only those who have completed the Essentials course – Shutterfly and are regular for the Friday morning trips are retained in Shutter Bugs Creative Forum.

The Activity comprises of Friday early morning trips to locations mainly in Dubai and surrounding locales in the Northern Emirates. Indoor activities are also included and feature presentations, photographic discussions and digital imaging workshops.

Some of the members have achieved International recognition and most have upgraded their skills and progressed remarkably with interesting images on pictorial, travel, editorial, nature and wildlife subjects. Its young members who are still in school have also achieved recognition at the national level photo contests.

The Shutterbugs look forward to each Friday morning to enhance their skills in photography and importantly to make it most meaningful, enjoyable and constructive.